Monday, December 14, 2015

A post before 2015 ends


Can't believe I'm still looking up to this blog. The previous post was about 3 days to get into 2015, but now I'm writing in the last month of 2015, in December lol how fast time flies. Gonna get into my fourth semester in few weeks' time. I have the urge to write again aaaall because of Vivvy my all time fav idol. She writes even though she is very busy with fashion valet, kids, marriage and so on. I feel like keeping this blog to myself so that i am able to look back on how ridiculous i was before...

Nways, I do apply to further my studies in the UK, but still bound to India. Thank God i was bounded cs i don't think i can get the offer from UK. Medic is so so competitive!! I hate that can't they just accept me already I know I can cope with it and I'm gonna give my utmost effort nnt hehehe look how confident I am saying rn. Less than a month to get into my final war with all the revisions books books books but in the past 2 weeks all i did was lying on bed eating sleep till my head spins so much, so unproductive. But I can't help ittt I'm so lazy huhu that's why UK don't wanna offer me kot. Anyway, i'm still hoping for something though, didn't want my parents to fall into frustrations. They yall are so hoping I can get UK huwaa i don't like that cs i know what will happen next..kot...

Another two days to 1 year and 3 months with Niko hehe it was so nice seeing me writing so happily when im in the third months with him in my previous post. Lol so many things happen, ups and downs but we still bare with each other and i still love to hear his voice everynight without failing unless we got work to do or one of us fall asleep first (which im gonna get mad if he sleeps first the next day but if it's me, it is okay. Pretty selfish but idc hihi)

So yeah, see you when i see you. Gotta do my econs IRP notes now. Shoot me someone, what is holiday with assignments???? Can't the teachers understand :-( Oh they do understand, unless you're in IB, You can't get away from it, they'll chase you till all the things that you think when you wake up, in the shower, eat, jogs, watching movie is assignmentt! That guilty pleasure tho huhu bye


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