Friday, December 26, 2014

3 days before 2015

Um hi
it has been almost a year since the last time updated here. Before this i was so busy struggling applying scholarship and interviews tapi yang melekat cuma MARA je Alhamdulillah lah dapat jugak tajaan hm why do i feel so awkward hahaha

Anyway, so now im in Kolej Mara Seremban doing IB Medic. Nama cam gempak tapi baru sem 1 dah nangis susah. Taktau kenapa im kinda regret choosing IB bcs im not confident that i'll pass it. But if i do, im going to Manipal India. Tell me again why am i describing this as if there's someone who wants to read(?)

I was supposed to do bm assignment tp tetiba teringat-terbukak-tertulis now hahah maybe i just don't want to lose this blog. I'll update even for once a year. Say i'm sentimental but this blog is where i started my life loooooooong ago when i'm 13 until now, 18. 

Don't know how to tell this but my life now is much more brighter because i know that i have a shoulder to cry on that always sabar with my annoyance! I may have my friends, and i still do. Eika Icha Farah Cijan Nadia Nabila & hazz hm that's the most that i can list sbb yang lain semua dah tak rapat aaand tak contact, jauh. What i want to say is im so so blessed to be with Niko now hahahahaha sounded so awkward doh since when did i fall for him, i don't know. Now im so head over heels to him. It has been um 3 months+ since we're together ((17/9/2014)) Along that time, im kind of pissed of bcs where were him years agooooooooo!! hahaha um yes i love him tell me im angau but whatever, i like his personalitites so much. 

Ops this blog are not private so i'll stop here. Just to tell you ((this blog)) that i'm doing fine--minus IB-- if im not updating this for a year so maybe my time has come. If anybody reading this, wish me luck for my second sem that will start next Sunday ((GOD HELP ME HUHU))